Sports bra purchase skills.


1. Confirm your upper bust size, lower bust size and cup shape. Try to choose a full cup bra, do not choose a half cup or other bra that is more revealing because of the desire to look good.

2. Check whether the ingredients are pure cotton.

3, do not choose a sports bra with steel support type, but also pay attention to the color contrast of the inner coat should not be large, so as not to be unsightly.

4, single-layer sports cotton underwear can prevent breast sagging, and will not rub the skin, so it is suitable for girls with full breasts.

5, check the shoulder strap design of underwear, if the elasticity is good, the Angle position is good, it should not be embarrassing to slip.

6, trying on is a very important part of the mirror to look at the front, back and side of the body. Move your body and feel comfortable and natural wearing it. The bra strap should feel thick, but not too tight (without red marks). It is best that some are non-slip with rubber pads, which can reduce friction during exercise.

7, different types of sports bra choice is also different. The more intense the exercise, the higher the level of support required. Therefore, doing aerobics and boxing need two sports bra is very different. When trying on a bra, you can jump in the fitting room to see if it provides proper support for your breasts. The standard should be that your chest feels safe (wrapped tightly) and not painful.

8, remember to massage the body with slimming (firming) products after exercise, and the chest can also be coated with breast enhancement (moisturizing) and skin elasticity products, at this time be careful - do not apply slimming cream to the chest.

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