General type of sports bra.


1. Easy fixation.

Fixed with a layer of elastic mesh fabric (mesh bra), the structure is simple, there is basically no design for the human body structure, the appearance is similar to a small cute, rarely exists in an independent form, most of them coexist with sports bras, suspenders and other forms of clothing.

Many outdoor clothing manufacturers (TNF,MHW,Patagonia, etc.), sporting goods and fitness clothing manufacturers (Adidas, Hosa, etc.) have similar products, which are easily available in the domestic market, and the quality is not very different. Poor stability, suitable for low impact motion and A,B cup mm part of the medium impact motion.

2. Pressure fixation.

The most widely used bra type is also the type used by most sports bra. It also mainly relies on the elasticity of the fabric to form pressure on the chest to achieve the purpose of fixation. Different from type 1, its cutting will fully consider the shape of the breast, structure, force to the shoulder, back force and other factors (simply called ergonomics), so as to achieve good stability while still maintaining relative comfort (it is estimated that if the same fixing effect is achieved with type 1).

Generally divided into conventional type (Scoop-back) according to the different shoulder straps: the appearance is similar to that of ordinary bras. Medium fixed, approximately suitable for low impact and medium impact movement with the A-C cup mm.

Racer-back (for lack of a better translation, more intuitive, will do). The appearance is similar to the upper part of the hurdle vest, and the firmness is better than the former. Depending on the different materials and structures, it can cope with all types of movements of A-D mm.

However, it needs to be stated that almost all of the so-called sports products of conventional underwear manufacturers in the domestic market are similar to God, and there are almost no qualified products in the structure and materials, which is probably barely enough to cope with the short time movement of low intensity in A-B cup mm, and size C+ mm does not need to be considered. Individual optional available models will be mentioned later.

Similar products from manufacturers of sports bra and outdoor products are rarely stocked in the country and are difficult to buy in general shopping malls. However, Nike is probably an exception, its fitness series of clothing produced and sold in the country, have A fixed and relatively good structure of the built-in bra, the material is basically used nike's own fast drying material (dry-fit), can meet the needs of A-B cup mm all sports and C cup mm low, medium impact sports. Some short products can be used as bra. (nike actually has a special underwear products, unfortunately there is no domestic sales, the above mentioned is only its fitness series of clothing, as a trade-off under no choice.)

3. Compound structural formula.

The most fixed style, in addition to the structure contained in type 2, generally has special steel brackets (the above two are not steel brackets - steel brackets are not necessarily metal materials), in order to better support support, the strength of the fabric is greater. It can provide good fixing and protection for D and D+ mm under medium and high impact motion.

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