What are the types of hoodies and what are their characteristics?


1. Look at the length of the hoodie

A long hoodie

The so-called long hoodie refers to the hoodie style that is worn after the bottom of the hip line below, this hoodie is very good for the inclusiveness of the body, the thick waist and the small belly can all be covered by a "clothes", which is simply the apple sister who has more fat in the waist and the pear-shaped girl who is thin!

This kind of hoodie often appears in the street photos of fashion experts or stars, and can be worn directly in the way of missing clothes, which can be matched with a small sports bra, a pair of boots, or a pair of ordinary sneakers, which can achieve a good wearing effect.

B Short hoodie

Short hoodies are the most common, ranging in length between ultra-short and long hoodies, with the hem generally reaching the hips but not exceeding them. Like the long hoodie, this type of hoodie also has a good cover for the waist fat, very suitable for slightly fat and apple figure girls wear.

In addition, this length of hoodie is the most versatile in the mix and match, can be worn alone with skinny jeans, can be worn with wide-leg pants, and even can hold a variety of short and short skirts. When used as an inner match, its length is also more appropriate, helping to create a casual feeling of personality and comfort.

C Ultra-short hoodie

As the name suggests, the ultra-short hoodie is shorter in length than the short hoodie, and the general bottom is only and the waist position, that is, we often say that the "stomach suit" can be forced to improve the waist line after wearing, elongate the lower body proportion, and be visually high.

In addition, this length of hoodie can be worn all the way through the spring and autumn and winter three seasons, wearing in addition to the general hoodie have a sense of leisure, but also a little more sexy and styling, dynamic and sexy.

On cooler days, wear a high-waisted skirt or high-waisted pants underneath, or line a hoodie with a slightly longer base shirt or T-shirt for warmth and fashion; On warm days, you can wear it directly, revealing a small waist and creating a feeling of long legs and thin waist.

2. Look at the neckline

A crew-neck hoodie

The history of the turtleneck hoodie can be traced back to the 1820s, can be said to be one of the most classic hoodie shape, this shape of the hoodie was first used for sports, and the classic triangle of the collar is used to collect sweat around the neck and chest during exercise.

Today, the hoodie has long been popular, and the triangle has been extended as a visual feature representing the American sports style. In general, the crew-neck hoodie with this logo is more athletic in style, which is suitable for girls who like American retro style to choose.

And other crewneck type hoodie is more college style, its collar type is not aggressive, simple and kind, after wearing can modify the neck, so that the neck line appears more soft, whether it is worn alone or as an internal match has a good effect.

B half turtleneck hoodie

Semi-turtleneck hoodie is the advanced version of the round neck hoodie, this type of hoodie with the prevalence of street style and began to be popular, its neckline on the basis of the round collar through the stitching of fabric to create a small high collar. The semi-high neck design makes the hoodie warm effect better, but also adds a few high-grade texture to the hoodie.

The small high collar of the half turtleneck hoodie can be a fabric extension of the same color and fabric as the body, it can also be collaged with different colors of fabric, or it can be a patchwork of completely different fabrics and colors of fabric, and this color contrast or material splicing design makes the hoodie more personalized in the shape.

Since the half-high neck is required for the neck length of the wearer, for girls with shorter necks, the half-high neck hoodie does not have a good neck line modification. But for people with slender necks, this kind of hoodie can be said to be tailored to perfectly highlight the slender neck line after wearing it!

C Hoodie

Hooded hoodie is the classic of the classic hoodie, this type of hoodie is the basis of ordinary hoodie to increase the hoodie design, successfully broke the monotony of the shoulder position of the round neck hoodie, so that the hoodie is more functional and fashionable. And this shape of the hoodie has already successfully become the first impression of the hoodie in people's eyes.

The mainstream hoodie is mostly attached to the drawstring design in the hat position, and the size of the hat can be adjusted with the drawstring after wearing the hat, which is not only very suitable for single wear, but also can be used as an inner match with the coat or other types of coats to create a different fashion.

However, it should be noted that, as an internal match, many drawstring hoodie too long drawstring will always cause visual cumbersome, so sometimes you can try to choose a hoodie without drawstring design, more clean and neat when matching, to avoid visual burden.

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